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Detox to Protect Yourself From Seasonal Allergies

“What happens in the cosmos above affected life below on earth below.” ~unknown~

Do you understand how true this quote is and how it relates to your health? Well, have you noticed that when the seasons change, you suffer with allergies or flu-like symptoms like sniffling and sneezing, unexplained headaches, muscle and joint pain? Do you want to sleep more, feel sluggish, have that foggy head, feeling fatigue and your bowels change? Do you sometimes associate these symptoms with some kind of communicable virus or attribute it to age? Think again. We are energy beings and connected to all energies on and above our planet. As we gain understanding about the connection between the changes in the spring and fall seasons, we can better support our bodies during these atmospheric energy changes.

Meteorologists and astronomers are known for studying and tracking seasonal changes. I’m no astrological expert or meteorologist, but there is plenty of evidence to support the connection between the seasonal changes and our health. Astronomers call this astronomical change the Equinox or Solstice and it happens twice a year; in the spring (March) and fall (September).

Meteorologists mark these seasonal changes by specific weather conditions, temperatures, and length of the daylight hours. In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox is marked by the first day of spring, which according to the Gregorian calendar is March 20, 2017. The fall equinox is September 22, 2017.

Although some cultures celebrate arrival of the Equinox with day-long events, the Equinox is actually a specific moment. It is the moment the sun crosses the earth’s equator so we have equal day and night on both sides of the planet. In other words, the sun will rise exactly due east and sets exactly due west so that everyone on the planet will experience 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime. This alignment not only has a huge impact on our planet by altering the climate through weather patterns, but also it has a huge impact on your bodies. This event causes energy movement so strong that it not only creates ocean tides and seasonal changes, but it causes animals and most people to “feel or experience” physical symptoms at the cellular level.

Before, during and after the Equinox, it is very common for people to suffer with ailments like a cold, flu-like symptoms, increased headaches, joint pain, etc. Naturopathic practitioners believe that if you support the body during this powerful planetary transition, you will be in better health during the following months. As we transition out of the summer months, our bodies have accumulated and stored plenty of heat in our tissues. When the accumulated heat of the summer is confronted by the cooling air of the fall and planetary tilt, it can trigger mental and physical symptoms. This flux of atmospheric pressure stresses our adrenals and nervous system, which can put some of the body’s natural detoxification processes on hold.

An Ayurvedic consultant, Scott Blossom says, “In the spring, it’s about shaking off the weight of winter and getting revved up for summer. In the fall, it’s about acknowledging that we’re overly busy, slowing down, and restoring the body.”

In the next post, I'll share various ways to detox including recipes and length of time for beginners, intermediate and advance methods for detoxing.

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