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Stang-up Meeting
Tai Chi Class

Group Tai Chi - Stress Management

Increase your employees productivity and ability to manage stress in the workplace. We present a Tai Chi sessions on site. Schedule regular sessions in your workplace as part of your corporate health and wellness program. We have three plans to choose from. Schedule a 20 min. 40 min. or 60 min sessions weekly to reenergize your employees and notice the difference. This experience is designed to reduce employee stress, boost mental alertness and increase stamina which leads to increased employee productivity and sense of well-being. Add our tea to your break room and reap the benefits of a more relaxed and focus workforce.

Herbal Health Workshop & Tea Tasting

As the great philosopher, Socrates says, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food". The health benefits of drinking tea and herbal blends are not widely known. We provide information on the cause of disease and how tea, herbs, and other foods help us become healthier. This interactive workshop will engage participants in remembering old family remedies. During the workshop, we cover the different tea types, the general health benefits, where they are grown, how they are processed, the different ways to brew the perfect cup of tea, and the best sweetener for various tea types. This workshop includes tastings of two teas.

Medicinal Herb
High Fives

Team Building Tea Parties

Is your workforce in need of some team building or morale boosting? Schedule a Team Building Tea Party and create a safe and fun space for your employees to resolve some critical issues or get creative. We work with your human resource management to customize the experience to address critical team building issues while complimenting a culture of harmony and respect around company values, and staff mental health and wellness. If you would like to schedule a team building tea party for your company or group, contact us. We'll bring the tea, cookies and pastries and have activities that will make this a joyful and memorable experience. A brief presentation the health benefits of tea and practicing therapeutic breathing. We provide a choice of white, green, black or herbal for tasting. Call us for more information.

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