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About Cindy Ball


Tea Docent / Tea Enthusiast 

Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist

Cindy first discovered the powerful benefits of tea and herbal tea elixirs over 40 year ago while caring for her young children. Her interest in tea began when her mother-in-law introduced her to the book entitled "Back to Eden: Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods and Home Remedies", book by Jethro Kloss. She credits them with helping her raise three healthy children free from common childhood illnesses.

Over the years, she has conducted extensive research on various herbs and experimented with a variety of tea and herbal blends. The Vibe Tea House came into existence as a result of her searching for alternative natural options for her Mother's healthcare needs and her passion to educate health-conscious consumers about the benefits of tea and herbs.  


As a tea enthusiast, Cindy enjoys tea as a healthier beverage, and educates various audiences about the health benefits of herbs and loose-leaf tea. She believes that once the health benefits of tea and herbal beverages are fully known and people get in the habit of enjoying a cup of loose-leaf tea, they will experience a greater sense of empowerment over their health and wellness.

Cindy is also a certified Tai Chi Instructor. Certified since 2019 by the American Tai Chi and Qiqong Association. Worksite Wellness Certification was issued by the National Wellness Institute in 2022.

About Tea Docents

Tea Docents are not doctors or scientists, but are tea enthusiasts who share the wisdom, rituals and health benefits about tea that have existed for thousands of years. Forever as "students of the leaf", docents believe that tea is more than just a beverage, it is a natural healing elixir. Tea Docents are your trusted guides on your journey to a lifestyle of healthy living.

Our Specialties

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Cold & Flu

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