Did you know lemons have amazing cancer fighting properties?

Lemons and Cancer

Did you know that the whole lemon, including its peel, is a miraculous product for killing cancer cells? While this claim isn’t endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration, there have been several studies that purport to show a strong basis for using lemons to combat cancer. It should also be noted that there are conflicting reports detailing that, while lemons and other citrus fruits have cancer-fighting properties, exactly how effective they are against specific types of cancer has yet to be accurately determined. While the connection between lemons and cancer is not yet fully appreciated, it is quite clear that lemons have some clear benefits that cannot be ignored.

One of the amazing benefits in using lemon therapeutically is that lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and it does not affect healthy cells. “Cancer is America's leading cause of death for people under the age of 85. Think about that for a second. Approximately 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. There are an estimated 13,000,000 people living with cancer right now in the U.S. Approximately 66% of people survive after five years of being diagnosed with cancer," as reported by the Institute of Health Sciences. The following stats were estimated cancer cases in 2014 for 2015.

•Lung and Bronchus Cancer: 225,000; Resulting Deaths: 160,000

•Colon and Rectum Cancer: 136,000; Resulting Deaths: 50,000

•Breast Cancer: 230,000; Resulting Deaths: 40,000

•Prostate Cancer: 230,000; Resulting Deaths: 30,000

•Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: 70,000; Resulting Deaths: 19,000

•All types of cancer this year: 1,665,000; Resulting Deaths: 585,000

If you do have cancer, please do not try to use nutritional measures as your only tool against the disease. We believe that appropriately changing nutrition can play an integral role in fighting cancer – however, expecting nutritional changes alone to resolve the disease is a dangerous path to take. Diagnosis and treatment by a professional is essential.

Lemons and Chemotherapy

Can you believe lemons are 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy? The medical industry doesn’t want you to know this because it cuts into their huge profits. “Chemotherapy kills more than cancer. Want proof? Did you know that 9 out of 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy if they had cancer? That's up to 90% -- a huge percentage that clearly shines a light on the truth: chemotherapy kills. Conventional oncologists are not only allowing this to happen, but they're also bullying many patients into chemotherapy and surgery right after their diagnoses.”

Now that you've learned this lemon secret, don’t waste the peel! Place your whole lemon in a freezer bag and place in the freezer. Once the lemon is frozen, get your grater and shred the whole lemon (no need to peel it). Sprinkle it on top of your foods as you desire.
You can sprinkle it on your vegetable salad, ice cream, soup, noodles, spaghetti sauce, rice, sushi, as well as fish dishes, in your whiskey, wine and more. So, enjoy more lemons and reap the benefits.

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