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Can food really be medicine?

Becoming healthy and maintaining good health is much more than following the doctor’s orders or taking the right pharmaceuticals, agreeing to surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation or other invasive treatments. We must remember that our health is largely up to us. Taking proper care of our body, mind, and spirit can keep us in optimum health. The choices we make, on a daily basis, can lead to more vibrant health or can lead to a never-ending struggle with chronic illnesses and diseases and everything between the two extremes. When we’re sick, we must take a holistic approach, which includes eating the right foods, consuming natural herbal remedies, and exercising to achieve a sense of health and well-being. Unfortunately, too many of us fail to recognize the importance of these lifestyle practices in the achievement of overall good health. Too many of us have come to depend on the medical industry to “treat symptoms, not heal our ailments”- leaving us sicker than ever.

So, can food and herbal products truly help? Do you need some convincing? The Greek physician, Hippocrates, is known for introducing the philosophy of ‘the healing power of nature’ and is credited with the phrase, “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food.” If you believe in the healing power of nutrition and the power of our bodies to heal themselves, then you are a step closer to making wise decisions about achieving optimum health.

Now, the healthcare industry has come a long way since Hippocrates’ time. Modern medicine has brought various pharmaceutical medicines, equipment, testing devices, and surgical advancements which have been beneficial in many cases. However, the strides made have not always taken into consideration the integration of food nor the effects of stress on the body’s ability to heal itself. It would benefit each of us to take a closer look at what we consume, particularly if we don’t feel well.

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