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Flowering Tea Pods 11-12 ct.

Flowering Tea Pods 11-12 ct.

Taste & Aroma

Our Flowering Teas are always a delightful surprise. They are wonderful, captivating and engaging experience to drink. Flowering teas transform the simple act of drinking tea by producing an aesthetically rich experience full of color and vibrancy. Tea leaves may be white, green or black and may also be scented with jasmine blossoms before sewing begins for a more floral flavor.


Health & Wellness Benefits

The base tea is rich, filling and earthy, a satisfying counterpoint to the floral profiles. The buds have a combination benefits that fresh clover honey, and the jasmine blossoms offer. Because they have a variety of tea leaves sown together, this information is not available at this time.  


Brewing Container Recommendation: Use a clear, small, medium or large sized glass teapot or tempered glass pitcher and glass cups to enjoy the beauty of the flowering experience. You may use a large mug, but you’ll have to watch it from the top.  Use two pods for large glass pots.



  • Bring spring or filtered water to a boil 212 F (100 c).
  • Heat the brewing pot first by pouring hot water into your teapot before preparing the tea to ensures that your pot temperature doesn’t drop too quickly. Pour this hot water out.
  • Now, pour hot water for your tea pod into your pot, then drop the blooming tea pod in the water. Wait until it fully unfolds. This typically takes 3-5 minutes.
  • Pour your tea into your cup(s) and enjoy. Each pod brews 12-15 oz./per brew or 2-3 serving of loose tea leaves.


Optional: Use 100% Pure Maple Syrup or honey to sweeten. You may also add lemon for an additional citrus flavor. 


  • Keep 20% - 30% of the tea in the pot as a base for next brew. Enjoy 2-3 additional brews. Note: The flavor is less intense with each brew, but you still can enjoy additional cups until it loses its taste.
  • To prepare additional brews, boil fresh water. Tilt your brewing pot to one side, then gently pour hot water along the glass pot wall. Avoid pouring hot water directly on the flowers. Allow 3-5 minutes of brewing time for subsequent cups. When the tea looks lighter and lighter, it may take longer time to get the tea juice out. You be the judge. 


Normally, the tea is a light champagne hue for green or white tea and a rich burgundy hue for black tea. The maple syrup will darken the color slightly.


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