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Lemongrass Green Tea

Lemongrass Green Tea


Sencha Orange Pekoe Green Tea, Egyptian Lemongrass


Taste & Aroma

Lemongrass Green Tea is a refreshing, sweet, citrus drink which has many properties for leading a healthier life. It has a lemon scent combined with the green tea that has been used in Chinese medicine for many years. Don't forget, you can get 2-3 additional cups of tea from each serving.


Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Cancer-beating qualities 
  • Alleviating intestinal and digestive problems
  • Cuts cholesterol levels by several points
  • Helps in recovery from the common cold and flu, reducing fevers, cramps, flatulence and arthritic pain as well as aid digestion especially in children

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  • Aids the digestive tract
  • Stops nausea
  • Improvees immune system functioning
  • Reduces fever
  • Aids cholesterol levels
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Improves vascular functioning
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Helps to kill malignant cancerous cells
  • Aids menstrual problems
  • Is a natural anti-depressant

Externally, this blend helps to heal athlete's feet, cuts and lesions, and is a natural mosquito repellent.

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