Nature's Sleep Aid

Nature's Sleep Aid

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Taste & Aroma

This blend of chamomile, jasmine, valerian and vervain roots.
The medicinal taste of valerian and vervain roots are a bit bitter, but the robust aromatic and flavor of chamomile and jasmine gives it a pleasing appeal to the palate. To enhance the taste of this herbal concoction, add fresh squeezed lemon juice and honey.


Health & Wellness Benefits 

  • Natural Tranquilizer and Sleep Aid (without the after effects)
  • Relaxes the Whole Body / Calms Your Nerves
  • Inhibits LDL Oxidation, which Reduces Bad Cholesterol in Heart Arteries
  • Quiets the Brain and Relaxes Central Nervous System
  • Relieves Aches, Pain and Cramps
  • Fights E. Coli in the Bladder
  • Reduces Inflammation and Fights Infections in the Bladder
  • Bronchial Relaxant for Asthma, Hay Fever and Sinusitis
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Reduces Fat and Cholesterol Absorption
  • Strengthens Eyesight
  • Helps Fight Against Diabetes


Caution:  * Do not take along with sleep inducing medication.

** Drink every 2-3 weeks allowing a 1-2 week break in between.

*** A small % of users may experience hallucinating reactions.